Case Study - Postal Solutions

The Client
One of the largest debt collection companies in the UK servicing more than 4 million accounts each year. Adare SEC has worked with the client over the past decade, producing and mailing transactional and operational communications amounting to approximately 17 million packs per annum.

Primary Issues
Different client applications were being mailed with varying daily volumes. Some mail streams were not achieving the daily volumes required for mailing discount rates so mailed on standard tariff charges.

Unreliable mail delivery dates meant staffing levels for the contact centre could not be accurately scheduled. Client resource was diverted away from core business to sort returned or ‘GoneAway’ mail.

Documentary proof of all mailing activity was required to meet compliance standards.

Adare SEC managed the project migration from the client’s existing DSA provider to Adare Post, delivering improved service, achieving maximum mailing discounts and providing greater control of the mailing, and detailed MI.

Letter-sized (C5 and below) mailpacks are now mechanically sorted via Adare Post.

Mail packs are bulked together with all qualifying mail for the day to achieve maximum mailing discounts, whether mailing 60,000 or 6 mail packs on that day.

Mail packs are sorted directly into trays minimising potential damage in transit.

A scanable 2D barcode enables each mail item to be logged by customer, cell, letter-type and sequence number or other URN.

Adare SEC can track and trace an item’s journey from pocket to tray, through to delivery to Royal Mail IMCs.

Benefits to the Client

  • Mail Lands with the recipient on a two-day service
  • Cost saving passed on to the client as all mail packs achieve the maximum mailing discounts
  • MI is available through the track and trace facility
  • Fewer subsequent mailings to Gone-Away mailing addresses.

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