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Digital Envelope by Adare SEC

A secure, high-volume transactional email and SMS tool used to send mission-critical customer communications digitally at scale, driving cost-savings, facilitating channel choice, and expediting delivery timescales.


Cost Savings

Send e-mail and SMS communications using simple HTML content, attachments, personalised URL for direct document download, or personalised URL for retrieval via landing page authentication.


Secure Delivery

Send personalised correspondence with encrypted data only accessible by the intended recipient, with authentication options enabling the recipient to only access confidential documents once they have answered some personal security questions such as DOB, postcode, or NI number.


GDPR Compliant

Dispatch communications in line with GDPR principles, ISO27001 conformance, and legal compliance. This level of security and compliance is pivotal for any organisation that must adhere to regulatory standards.

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Read our brochure to find out how you can send a secure, personalised link via email and SMS to access digital documents that would have traditionally been sent in the post.

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Six reasons to choose Adare SEC's
Digital Envelope

Enhanced agility

Accelerate the speed to market by deploying campaigns within 24 hours from receipt of data, ensuring mission-critical correspondence arrives promptly to expedite delivery timescales.

Channel agnostic

Select the recipient’s channel of choice, depending on their communication preference. This will ensure they receive the right message using the most appropriate channel to maximise response rates and respond to the call to action.

Increased security

Ongoing releases and patching to continuously improve performance, enhance security, and increase resilience. Rigorous Vendor Management Framework in place to manage our third-party senders, who must conform to our stringent security expectations.

Bounce management

Divert to print options in light of delivery failure or bounce back when an e-mail address is invalid, no longer exists, or when an inbox is full. Several business rules available dependent on the type of bounce, time expended, and alternative channel preference.

Email authentication

Personalised URL takes you to a secure landing page where you enter DOB/postcode/NI number to access confidential documents securely and safely.

Insightful MI

Meaningful MI available to track delivered, opened, clicked, bounced, and blocked rates, as well as spend and trend analysis. Access a number of insightful daily, weekly, and monthly reports to influence future communications preferences.

Digital Envelope in Action

FAQs about Digital Envelope


Is the service GDPR compliant?

Yes, we have rigorous processes, procedures and certifications in place to ensure adherence to GDPR principles, legal conformance and regulatory compliance.


How fast will my documents land?

Typically, documents will be sent to inbox or device within 24 hours of receipt of data.


What happens in the event of an e-mail or SMS delivery failure?

If an email address is invalid or no longer exists, when an inbox is full, or if the SMS number is invalid, we can create a "flip to print" business rule where the communication will be printed and posted to the recipient instead. Also, if an email remains unopened for a certain number of days, we can also print and send out in the post.


Is sending a personalised URL secure?

Yes, all data is encrypted. There is also an option to send out personalised URLs where users must authenticate using a landing page by answering security questions in order to access their documents.

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