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Hybrid Mail by Adare SEC

Multi-channel, Hybrid Mail tool enabling users to send out mission-critical, day-to-day customer communications by post, e-mail, and SMS to drive operational efficiency, deliver cost-savings, simplify back-office tasks and improve customer experience.


Cost Savings

Save 40% on a printed pack by using our consolidated back-office production system, postal optimisation service and white-paper solution for producing onserts and attachments. Significantly reduce the cost of sending customer correspondence through eNot.es our digital delivery solution for delivering Hybrid Mail communications via e-mail and SMS.


Resource Mitigation

Save an average of 3-5 minutes per document, by streamlining and simplifying the production of all Hybrid Mail communications, with a single provider responsible for the processing, production, and delivery of each pack. Save valuable time and resource, and enable users to focus on core, day-to-day business objectives.


Secure & Scalable

Microsoft Azure, cloud-hosted platform enhances security, increases resilience and mitigates risk. With TLS 1.2 compatibility, data encryption, adherence to GDPR principles and a rigorous BCP in place, there is a real emphasis on security and scalability.

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Six reasons to choose Adare SEC's
Hybrid Mail


Options to choose single pack, multi-recipient mail-merge, delivery method, envelope size, postage tariff, landing page, branded stationery, onserts and attachments.


Eliminate the need to produce each document in a local desktop or office printer. Submit all documents using a print driver with the option to enable Single Sign-On through Microsoft Azure AD for a more integrated user experience.

Increased compliance

Adhere to brand guidelines, increase consistency and mitigate manual errors, ensuring that all components of a pack are produced on the same material, every address appears in the same place on each document, postcodes are subject to address validation, and all items are correctly enclosed.

Enhanced agility

Increase the speed to market for mission-critical communications: submit documents on day 1 for delivery on days 3 or 4 dependent on the postage tariff selected, and instant release options for same-day, digital delivery.


Communications can be mailed in 100% recyclable and biodegradable envelopes, at no extra cost, and communications can be sent digitally to reduce paper consumption.

Channel agnostic

Multi-channel Hybrid Mail solution enables users to send out communications via post, email and SMS, depending on the preference of their customers.

Hybrid Mail in Action

FAQs about Hybrid Mail


Is Hybrid Mail GDPR compliant?

Yes, all solutions are GDPR compliant and suppliers will have rigorous processes, procedures and certifications in place to ensure adherence to this pivotal standard


How fast will my letters arrive?

This will be dependent on the SLAs in place with the supplier and the postage tariff selected. Typically, packs are printed, enclosed, and posted the next day, so you can expect letters to land within 2 or 3 days from receipt of data


Who should be involved in the setup process?

It is important to ensure that operational, procurement, finance and IT departments are involved in selecting the right solution. The two main reasons for this are; ensuring the business case makes sense, and minimising the risk of delayed implementation or service failure by involving key IT personnel early


How many people in the company can use it?

Hybrid Mail is suitable for anyone in a company who has a requirement to send out ad-hoc customer communications, so there isn’t a limit on the number of people who can use it

“We chose Adare SEC’s Hybrid Mail solution because of its simplicity. By simply adding a new print driver to our computers, it meant communications could be very easily printed with Adare SEC rather than in our offices. From a colleague perspective, it is so straightforward and has saved us a huge amount of time, allowing us to focus on looking after our clients.”

Sarah Cantrell
Senior Operations Manager, Hargreaves Lansdown.

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