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Public Sector CCM

Multi-channel customer communication for the Public Sector

We work with over 100 authorities across the UK, trusted with the production of critical, highly secure communications such as revenues and benefits and electoral documentation, along with the volume of essential everyday communications that flow between local authorities and citizens.

We’re proud to be a supplier on a number of frameworks including Scottish Government Procurement and Crown Commercial Services, delivering greater efficiencies and cost savings to public sector organisations through the provision of agile and future-proof communication technologies.

Adare SEC Public Sector CCM 1

A real-world example

Ruby receives a letter from the Democratic Services department of the local council

The letter includes a request to confirm resident information for the Electoral Roll.

Adare SEC Public Sector CCM 2

Ruby has a choice about how she acknowledges or updates these details

She can complete the online form or respond by completing and returning the paper version

Adare SEC Public Sector CCM 3

Inbound responses received via either channel are consolidated and the database is updated

The names are then published on the register of electors allowing them to legally vote in elections.

Adare SEC Public Sector CCM 4

Ruby realises that she will be away during the Election, but doesn’t want to miss the opportunity to vote.

She downloads and completes a Postal Vote Application and returns it by post to the Local Electoral Registration Office.

Adare SEC Public Sector CCM 5

Ruby receives her Ballot Paper in the post together with a Freepost envelope

This includes instructions which she will complete and return to cast her vote.

Of course, this is just one example of many

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Six Ways in which we help the Public Sector create higher value relationships

Improve customer experience

Simplify the elector journey by enabling bi-directional communications across any channel, improving your processes and making it easier for your elector to communicate with you.

Use our knowledge, credibility and expertise

30 years’ experience with over 70 Councils across the UK to providing innovative and effective solutions.

Enable Anywhere Operations

Provide a seamless experience for your employees and citizens via a secure cloud-based communication platform that can be accessed and operated remotely.

Decreased operating costs

Integrate digital channels with enhanced production output to decrease the cost of servicing citizens, whilst driving down the impact on call centres.

Ensure compliance with Industry regulations

Deliver your customer communications adhering to local and central Government bodies through our secure workflow and production platform.

Reduced environmental impact

Align your communication strategy with public sector CSR goals by integrating digital solutions with sustainably sourced paper.

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Why Go Multi-Channel

Multi-channel customer communications for the Public Sector

Every successful relationship rests on the shoulders of great communication - find out how we can help you deliver a multi-channel experience.

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