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Self-Serve Tools by Adare SEC

Simplify the management of complex customer communications by empowering your team to create, edit, approve, and store documents and assets using our enabling, self-serve toolkit.



Content Management Platform used to create, edit, and approve document templates and assets in a self-serve, online portal. Accelerate the speed of change, collaborate with colleagues, adhere to regulatory compliance, and maintain the latest version of documents all in a centralised platform.



Efficiently manage the sign-off of high-volume customer communications, including variable data and images. Use our online approval system to check automated, daily production files prior to production, with the ability to “Approve” and “Reject” files.



Store, retrieve and manage multi-channel communications in a secure, GDPR compliant document repository. Enable back-office staff to quickly locate communications and help reduce customer queries by allowing customers to self-serve and retrieve their documents when they need them.

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Six reasons to choose Adare SEC's
Self-Serve Tools

SmartEdit: Increased speed of change

Use snippets and paragraphs to make universal changes to multiple documents by amending a master template once. Amend 500 documents in 3 minutes rather than 25 hours.

SmartEdit: Improved version control and enhanced compliance

Manage version control, ensure document changes are updated centrally, collaborate with colleagues throughout the sign off, assign tasks to other departments, adhere to brand guidelines, and ensure conformance to regulatory compliance.

SmartApproval: Reduced production errors

Placing the decision to print or reject a file in the hands of our clients enables the right people to quickly and easily review the content of a print-ready file prior to production.

SmartApproval: Increase speed to production

Pre-set business rules enable the relevant people to be notified by email instantly when document proofs become available to view, ensuring pivotal mailing dates are met.

SmartView: Increased compliance

Easy access to Data Lifecycle Management functionality and full audit trails ensure you remain GDPR compliant.

SmartView: Reliable and secure

99% service uptime ensures communications can be reliably retrieved at any time by anyone via secure VPN connection or API.

SmartEdit in Action

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FAQs about Self-Serve Tools


Do I need to purchase all these Smart tools?

No, our Smart suite is designed to be completely modular so you can just adopt the tools your organisation needs. However, using all 3 self-serve tools would improve the way you create, edit, approve, and store documents and assets.


For SmartEdit, are there different user roles?

Yes, there are 3 permission levels available dependent on user role: Creator, Approver, and Manager. The relevant role is assigned dependent on whether a user will create and edit, view, approve, and publish, or have complete autonomy to complete all tasks.


Can I access SmartApproval using my company's default web-browser?

Yes, it is compatible with Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, and Safari.


Can my customers self-serve and access the communications stored in SmartView?

Yes, communications stored in SmartView can also be retrieved via our B2C API. Typically, this would be via an existing customer portal which would integrate with our API and allow customers to search and retrieve their documents instantly whenever they need them.

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