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Adare SEC Gender Pay Gap Report

Unlike equal pay, which refers to paying a man and a woman the same amount for the same, or similar work, the Gender Pay Gap is the difference in average pay for men and the average pay for women employed by the organisation in a specific time period. It is the result of gender imbalance – such as having more women in junior roles or part time roles or fewer women in senior roles, relative to men.

We are reviewing our family policies and working practices, as well our recruitment approach, to try and address our these issues. However this is a long term initiative and our gender pay gap is likely to persist until we have more balanced representation of men and women at every level – something we are passionate about addressing. We are confident, however, that men and women are paid equally for doing the same job at Adare SEC. We are committed to creating an inclusive and diverse workforce. We aim to make sure people are treated equally at work, across all levels and locations, and we value the contribution that everyone makes for us, regardless of gender.