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A leading provider of Secure
and Essential Communication Solutions

Essential CommunicationsEssential Comms

We provide technology-led, outbound and inbound Essential Communication Solutions to private and public sector clients who need to control the cost, quality and efficiency of their printed and electronic communications.


Secure Communications - Adare SECSecure Solutions

We provide paper-based and electronic Secure Products and Solutions to leading organisations across the globe to ensure that their documents, assets and identities are protected from fraud and replication.


We provide
and Essential
Communication Solutions

Adare SEC is a leading provider of Secure and Essential Communication Solutions. Divided into two specialist divisions; Secure Solutions and Essential Comms, Adare SEC has four secure locations throughout the UK, over 500 employees and is trusted by many leading organisations.


Adare SEC - Secure and Essential Communications

Our Technology

We continually invest in market leading software and services in order to
develop sophisticated technology solutions, some of which can be used remotely
by clients, in order to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

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