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Adare SEC

Every successful relationship rests on the shoulders of great communication™

We have a rich heritage of partnering with financial and business services as well as the public sector to help improve communication between their organisations and their customers.

We're fiercely proud of our consultative approach which means, where others would talk, we listen. Where others would sell, we help.

And on that foundation we'll build a solution that matches your requirements, so, you'll get (and pay for) exactly what you need and nothing that you don't.

Then as you grow and your customer communication requirements evolve, our team will be here to help you quickly and painlessly transition to your new customer communication strategy.

So you'll never get left behind in the ever-evolving world of customer communications.

From print to web to mobile messaging, we'll help you build a two-way customer communication strategy that puts your customers' communication preferences at its core. All the while working within the strictest regulatory framework.

By delivering the right message at the right time and through the right channel we’ll help you foster higher value customer relationships.




Meet our Executive Team

Tony Strong

Chief Executive Officer

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Christian Dickson

Chief Financial Officer

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Andrew Herd

Chief Digital & Information Officer

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Hayden Savage

Chief Operating Officer

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Simon Johnson

Corporate Development M&A


Meet Our Senior Leadership Team

Sheree Mercer-Bowell

Director of Client Experience


Ian Allan

Director of Client Growth


Pat Kelly

Director of Marketing & Communications


Anne Lightowler

Director of Employee Experience


Mitul Rughani

Group Finance Director


Ben Haynes

Director of Operations


Andrew Turner

Director of Technology


David Walford

Director of Compliance