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Financial Solutions CCM

Multi-channel customer communication for the financial solutions sector

We build end-to-end customer communication solutions that help you achieve higher value customer relationships by putting the customer at the heart of the process - for example

Adare SEC Financial Solutions CCM 1

A real-world example

Charlie receives a “Hello” letter from a debt collection agency

Initial correspondence invites him to set up an online account having transferred his debt from the original creditor, with repeated follow-ups if he doesn’t respond.

Adare SEC Financial Solutions CCM 2


Charlie follows the link or QR code to set up a personal online account

Using his mobile phone, he can scan the QR code to get redirected to a personalised landing page.

Adare SEC Financial Solutions CCM 3


The account is verified by email with a link to the income and expenditure form

Having verified the email address by clicking the unique link, he can enter his current earnings and expenditure.

Adare SEC Financial Solutions CCM 4


Charlie clicks the link and completes the online form, adding payment details

Having submitted income and expenditure figures, he can now select his preferred monthly repayment amount and term.

Adare SEC Financial Solutions CCM 5


Confirmation is sent by email with the agreed monthly payment plan

Once confirmed online, an email is sent with his electronically signed agreement followed by a paper copy in the post.

Of course, this is just one example of many…

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Six ways in which we help the financial solutions sector create higher value relationships

Improve customer experience

Simplify the customer journey by enabling bi-directional communications across any channel, improving your NPS and making it easier for your customer to do business with you.

Minimise churn and drive acquisition

Streamline customer acquisition processes, build loyalty and improve retention rates through engaging and interactive communications.

Enable Anywhere Operations

Provide a seamless experience for your employees and customers via a secure cloud-based communication platform that can be accessed and operated remotely.

Reduced operating costs

Integrate digital channels with enhanced production output to decrease the cost of customer acquisition and servicing, whilst driving down the impact on call centres.

Ensure compliance with FCA regulations

Deliver your customer communications through our secure workflow and production platform adhering to internal operating procedures at all times.

Lower environmental impact

Align your communication strategy with organisational CSR goals by integrating digital solutions with sustainably sourced paper.

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Why Go Multi-Channel?

Multi-channel customer communication for the financial solutions sector

Every successful relationship rests on the shoulders of great communication - find out how we can help you deliver a multi-channel experience.

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