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Digital Mailroom by Adare SEC

Inbound scanning including structured forms and unstructured correspondence, workflow integration, case management and cheque processing.


Time & Cost Savings

When outsourcing your manual inbound mail processes, you benefit from our skilled operators and industry-leading technology. This helps reduce activities such as scanning, classification and data capture - typically saving up to 40% on operational costs.


Increased Security & Compliance

All communications received at our secure facilities are tracked throughout their journey. Each item can be stored and accessed digitally, along with an audit trail for full traceability. You can also manage the data lifecycle of stored items in accordance with GDPR along with your own policies, making auditing and compliance easier to manage.


Improved Customer Satisfaction

Intelligent data capture and workflows ensure the right team in your organisation can process the communication instantly and from anywhere. Workflows can also be integrated with our outbound services – for example acknowledging receipt of a certificate – increasing customers reassurance and reducing friction in the journey.

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Six reasons to choose Adare SEC's
Digital Mailroom

Quick results

Accelerate your digital transformation and see a ROI typically within 12 to 18 months.

Move to digital

Transform paper-based forms and correspondence into digital data for processing by utilising our intelligent OCR and data capture technology.

Instant document retrieval

Automated workflow and pre-defined rules ensure the right department receives the right communication instantly.

Repurpose office space

Reduce and repurpose the physical space of your current inbound operations. Outsourcing will also mitigate the direct the costs of maintaining and running a physical mailroom.

Improved accuracy

Reduce human error with intelligent scanning, classification and data capture technology.

Improved security

Process, store, return or destroy physical documents within a secure, auditable environment.

Digital Mailroom in Action

FAQs about Digital Mailroom


How can I access my inbound data and communications?

We can deliver your inbound communications back to you in a number of ways, including SFTP, secure online portals, or integration with existing workflow software. Once delivered back to you, you can then access the data and communications instantly from anywhere - whether you’re in the office or working from home.


Can Digital Mailroom also work for other inbound channels such as email?

Yes, we are able to manage multi-channel communications such as physical mail, email, attachments and photographs within a single workflow. This provides greater visibility of customer interactions across all channels.


How does Digital Mailroom help with compliance and GDPR?

By digitising paper-based documents, you are making it easier to comply with GDPR such as retention, Right to Erasure, and Subject Access Requests. Locating and processing digital data and documents can be achieved much quicker than paper documents.


How secure is Digital Mailroom?

Digital Mailroom provides a controlled and auditable environment for viewing and processing inbound communications. Every interaction is logged and access can be controlled, which reduces the risk of data breaches. We also hold accreditations such as ISO 27001, providing you peace of mind over our digital and physical operations.

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