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Digital Experience by Adare SEC

Enhance digital customer experience with our UX/UI design, customer journey mapping capability, intelligent digital interactions, and structured CX Improvement Programme.


Streamline Business Processes

Fix inefficient or broken back-office business processes, by removing friction and augmenting them with streamlined digital replacements. Reduce costly processes that require significant manual intervention and consume valuable resource.


Reduce Paper Communications

Remove unnecessary paper communications that introduce inertia into the customer journey. Use digital communications to drive efficiency, unlock cost-savings, and accelerate delivery.


Improve Customer Experience

Enhance CX by removing friction caused by paper-based communications and efficient business processes that ultimately increase customer retention and improve acquisition rates.

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Six reasons to choose Adare SEC's
CX Improvement Programme


Turn bills, statements and under-performing customer communications into valuable, dynamic and interactive communications. Align communications to customer channel preferences for maximum effect.

Reduced costs

Minimise call centre traffic by driving customer ‘self service’. Decrease print and mailing costs by delivering bills and statements electronically to maximise impact and improve response rates.

Customer retention

Simplify processes with engaging, intuitive digital customer interactions. Leverage customer channel preferences to improve response rates from retention, upsell and cross-sell opportunities with single-click call to action.

Enhanced security

Mitigate security risk by transitioning to our secure operating environment. Harness market leading security protocols to ensure compliance with overarching industry regulations.

Increased engagement

Create compelling, two-way communications that enable the recipient to interrogate dynamic content, select preferences unique to their needs, and respond to the call to action.

Accelerate the speed of change

Deliver tactical solutions that deliver genuine business change within 6 months from project initiation to deployment, with minimal involvement required from busy, internal IT resource.

FAQs about CX Improvement Programme


How quickly can you deliver?

Depending on the business pain point we need to resolve and the use case we deploy, we expect to be able to complete a project within 3-6 months.


What types of solutions do you offer?

Solutions can include, for example, building a customer portal, microsite or webapp to deliver interactive forms, statements and contracts.


What IT resource would you need from us?

This varies depending on the pain point, but as an example, we've delivered a bespoke webapp in 8 weeks with no development required from the client's IT team.


We have a digital agenda, but don't know where to begin. How can you help?

We focus on incremental enhancements by resolving individual challenges in isolation. Some organisations will be perturbed by scary strategic digital transformation projects, so we focus on tactical projects that minimise resource, improve outcomes, and get delivered quickly.

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