Turning inbound communication complexity into competitive advantage

We are all consumers. We all know the frustrations associated with clunky, disjointed customer service. Living in a world of Google and Alexa – with facts and functionality delivered on command – serves to set our expectations of smart, instant service sky high. We want the businesses we deal with […]

Guiding the way to digital transformation in the utilities sector

In order to compete in a volatile, crowded and consolidated market, utilities businesses must be on top of two core challenges: operations must be lean and efficient to reduce unnecessary spend and keep costs competitive; the service provided to customers must be fast, convenient and seamless. Customer experience has become […]

The Digital Mailroom benefit for banks and building societies

Banks and building societies handle thousands of inbound mail documents every day. Reducing the operational cost associated with the processing of these communications remains a core sector goal. But forward-thinking organisations are looking beyond this cost play towards a more strategic approach to inbound communications management. Financial services businesses are […]