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The CCM picture – new research

What do business peers really think about the world of customer communication management (CCM) as we emerge from the pandemic into the ‘new normal’?

It’s a question that we’ve conclusively answered in our new research report, Customer Communication Strategies in the new normal – pain-points, priorities and ambitions.

We conducted research amongst 250 senior-level decision-makers within financial services, utilities and retail to gauge current strategic thinking relating to CCM. As the report title suggests, we identify key hurdles to overcome, urgent requirements to address and future expectations. This kind of insight is always invaluable - but particularly so now as we all navigate a much-changed business landscape.

Remote working and dispersed workforces present a whole new set of challenges to businesses, and this is a key theme to emerge. The report uncovers whether businesses are properly equipped for ‘anywhere operations’ and reveals key concerns around the ease and accuracy with which information is shared between colleagues and teams.

Elsewhere, the findings show that despite a strong desire to embrace digital transformation, the anchor of legacy processes is thwarting integrated customer communication ambitions for many. The challenge of overcoming the restrictions of legacy systems is another strong thread throughout the report. Indeed, this is revealed as one of the three main barriers to further digitisation of customer communications.

Other issues covered include:

  • Communication cost-drains – what’s causing money to be wasted when it comes to existing CCM processes?
  • Most urgent communication priorities – what CCM related issues need fixing right now?
  • Channel choice – which channels best suit which communications?
  • The future of email – are its days numbered?
  • Digital transformation ownership – who are the corporate champions of digital transformation projects?

And so much more.

In fact, this free report offers stats and insight and makes for essential reading for anybody involved with customer communication strategy.

Get a copy of the report here