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48 hour reduction in turnaround time for customer communications, better control of outbound communications

Carpet & Flooring has grown into one of the UK’s largest distributors of floor covering products – stocking and distributing products from Europe’s leading flooring manufacturers. With a turnover of £100m, Carpet & Flooring employs 300 people and has 10 branches across the UK.

Voted the Contract Flooring Journal (CFJ) Distributor of the Year for three years running, Carpet & Flooring, supply a comprehensive range of flooring solutions, for flooring contractors and retailers, available in one convenient delivery.

The Challenge

Managing all their financial communications centrally from the head office in Redditch, Carpet & Flooring required a communications provider with the agility to quickly and efficiently manage financial correspondence, with the option to instantly switch and integrate delivery channels when required.

Carpet & Flooring also required a solution that would allow them to securely store both their outbound and legacy documents; this needed to seamlessly integrate into their ERP system for the quick retrieval of documents when required.

To ensure their communications were as effective as possible, the team at Carpet & Flooring needed to redesign the communications to increase customer engagement in line with their brand values whilst supporting an improvement of finance processing and payment times.

“From implementation through to sending out the first communication, Adare SEC couldn’t have been easier to work with.“They were fantastic.”
– Peter Russell, Head of IT

The Solution

To support Carpet & Flooring, Adare SEC was able to quickly implement our SmarterMail solution. SmarterMail enabled Carpet & Flooring to send out their outbound communications either through printed mail, email or a combination of both, dependent on their customer’s preference.

SmarterMail enables the Carpet & Flooring team to have the flexibility to brief their communication needs into Adare SEC for a same day processing irrelevant of volume or mailing channel preference – something that wasn’t previously possible.

Carpet & Flooring now also take advantage of the Adare SEC’s SmartView solution, allowing them to securely store a digital copy of all their outbound communications for future reference, further developing the traceability and auditability of their vital customer correspondence. A project was also completed to securely transfer over 700k legacy documents into the SmartView product.

To further enhance the engagement of their communications, increasing first time payment rates and improving financial credit controls Carpet & Flooring benefitted from Adare SEC’s SmartDesign solution.

Our team of creative experts redesigned Carpet & Flooring’s communications to increase engagement, giving the documents a refreshed look whilst ensuring they were professional and in line with brand guidelines.

The Benefits

Carpet & Flooring now have an efficient solution that is more flexible and offers more choice depending on customer contact preferences. Speed to deliver customer communications has also significantly improved seeing a turnaround time reduced by 48 hours.

The Carpet & Flooring team now have more control of their outbound communications. They also see great benefits from 10% postage savings utilising Adare Post, a service that enables better efficiencies in the way mail is sorted and processed and delivered to their customer which results in significant cost savings.

Documents are now securely stored in SmartView enabling employees to quickly and easily access documents, speeding up customer queries and the overall customer experience. All these services were enabled with agility and focus on quality, through a collaborative implementation project which ensures the long term success of a great partnership.