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Introducing the Digital Mailroom advantage

Businesses face a dilemma. Every organisation wants to make it easy and convenient for customers and prospects to interact. Why? Because improving the customer experience can result in easier on-boarding, greater loyalty and competitive advantage.

In most cases, this means extending the number of channels of communication – accepting communications via mail, SMS, social, email, website and more. The result is a multitude of interactions arriving at different touchpoints, in different formats, at any time of the day or night. In other words, in simplifying processes for their customers, businesses create a whole lot of back-office complexity for themselves.

Remove multi-channel complexity, accelerate everyday actions
The Digital Mailroom removes this complexity and introduces dynamic business advantages. Inbound customer communications are scanned, classified and digitised - removing process inefficiency and providing an agile platform to enable faster, more accurate business decisions.

In this way, everyday customer actions such as new customer onboarding, cheque processing, loan automation, service provision and more are accelerated because critical data reaches decision-makers quickly. For the customer this simply translates as fast, accurate and efficient service.

Future proof and compliant

The current reality for most organisations is that physical mail still accounts for the majority of customer communications. Digitising this volume of inbound paper and removing inefficient manual processes – not to mention reducing the need for expensive mail-processing real-estate - will be the starting point for many. However, digital channels play an increasingly important role in the customer experience, and future-proofing means delivering a consistent level of service across every channel. The Digital Mailroom intelligently orchestrates every touchpoint with customers, joining the dots and making information workflow-ready for any authorised member of the organisation in seconds.

By digitising inbound communications the Digital Mailroom also provides organisations with a robust and transparent audit trail. Companies can demonstrate the necessary level of compliance – even within the most highly regulated sectors.

Compliance is just one of several core drivers for the Digital Mailroom. Businesses face increased competition and more demanding clients – the customer experience is king. Workers are more agile and remote, requiring access to key information from anywhere. Organisations must keep a continual eye on reducing operational costs and increasing process efficiencies. And confidential data must be securely stored and strictly managed.

Implementing a Digital Mailroom does not mean overhauling inbound communications processes from top to bottom. Instead, we are helping businesses to identify obvious ‘quick wins’ where digitisation will deliver immediate advantages. From here, additional business functions can be integrated at a pace that suits – every organisation is different.

Customers may not see what is happening behind the scenes to transform back-office processes. But, when the Digital Mailroom starts to deliver faster, more convenient interactions and seamless multi-channel service, customers will quickly recognise a great experience from a run-of-the-mill one.

It’s time to start the Digital Mailroom journey.