The Digital Mailroom benefit for banks and building societies

Banks and building societies handle thousands of inbound mail documents every day. Reducing the operational cost associated with the processing of these communications remains a core sector goal. But forward-thinking organisations are looking beyond this cost play towards a more strategic approach to inbound communications management. Financial services businesses are […]

The guided path towards digital transformation

At first glance, the phrase ‘digital transformation’ might appear daunting. There is an implication that ‘transformation’ means completely reinventing processes from top to bottom in one sweeping action. In fact, digital transformation is a path that can be taken step-by-step at a pace dictated by each organisation. Like most business […]

Introducing the Digital Mailroom advantage

Businesses face a dilemma. Every organisation wants to make it easy and convenient for customers and prospects to interact. Why? Because improving the customer experience can result in easier on-boarding, greater loyalty and competitive advantage. In most cases, this means extending the number of channels of communication – accepting communications […]