Everyone Loves a Letter Don’t They?

Our Chief Digital and Information shares his thoughts on why a letter delivered in the post is as important as an email. As you would likely expect, as a technology leader I am a strong advocate of digital communication and firmly believe that a time will come when physical delivery […]

Adare SEC COVID-19 Update – Managing your important customer mail

Dear All Last week I updated you about our services, with a particular focus on our supply chain, post and the delivery of your customer mail. I highlighted our key relationship as a postal licence holder with Royal Mail which helps to ensure a strong partnership between us. On Tuesday […]

COVID-19 Update from Our CEO

Dear All As further weeks of lockdown approach, I do hope that you, your colleagues and your family are remaining safe and healthy. To ensure you are receiving suitable comfort about our key services, I’m pleased to share further positive updates with you. Firstly, I’m delighted to welcome a key […]