Utilities Insight – Integrated Customer Communications

Yesterday’s insight focused on the importance of fully mapping your customer journeys. In today’s article, we focus on the importance of ensuring your customer communications are fully integrated across channels and journeys.

Integrated Customer Communications

To add further complexity, consider the customer that you never hear from. It would be easy to assume a customer you haven’t heard from is a happy customer, but this isn’t always the case. No contact or engagement with a customer can lead to a lack of affinity with your brand, which creates challenges when you are viewed as one energy provider among many. Proactively looking for ways to add value to customers through regular, meaningful contact is therefore an essential strategy for your customer operations and marketing teams.

This proactive approach means marketing and customer operations teams (billing, collections, customer service teams etc.) need to have a joined up communications strategy. However, disparate systems and siloed working practices often lead to a case of one hand not knowing what the other is doing. For example, marketing may push out details of a new tariff or value added services to all customers in a segment; however, some of these customers are also in a collections process and receive both an arrears letter and marketing pack one after another. Sound familiar?

This is not an uncommon challenge and is usually the result of legacy systems and datasets evolving over time that are hard to unpick. Thankfully, there are solutions that can bring them together to deliver integrated communications so there is no longer operations and marketing comms, just customer comms with a specific objective. Whether you’re informing a customer about a new product or service or telling them about a change to their tariff, your customer communications can and should be joined up.

Get in touch to understand how Adare SEC can help you join up your communications strategy through utilising our market leading communications platform and transformation expertise.

In tomorrow’s final article in the series, we end on the importance of data in delivering an excellent customer experience.

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