Utilities Insight – Data Driven Communications

So far we’ve covered the importance of customer mapping and having a fully integrated communications solution. In today’s final instalment in the series, we end with the importance of data in ensuring your customer communications help increase the customer experience and drive customer advocacy.

Data Driven Communications

Knowing what communications to send out and when to send them will depend on the individual customer, so access to the right data sources is a critical component that feeds into your strategy. Providers can now mine an increasingly rich source of intelligence made available to them through the introduction of smart meters.

Smart meters provide hitherto unseen insights into energy usage, which allows companies to personalise content around individual households. Using this real time data, providers can deliver tailored communications around energy saving tips, offers or promotions, meaning that generic, vanilla communications can be a thing of the past and can aid in making consumers feel they are valued, which could be the difference between switching or sticking.

While print was the channel of choice for energy providers in the past, now using sophisticated AI and automation, personalised messages can be triggered and sent across a range of channels from SMS and email to app push notifications and even as part of a two-way text engagement using the latest messaging apps.

When a customer could be reading a paper document one minute, logging into an app the next and then receiving a text in the same customer journey, the ability to orchestrate a seamless channel switch while continuing the conversation is essential.

As smart meters transform how consumers view their energy consumption, energy providers can also transform how they communicate the cost of this energy, with the potential of moving into real time billing and balances, these communications can become even more sophisticated and effective. With so much of our life managed through web enabled mobile devices web, this level of digital provision is not only wanted by consumers nowadays, it’s expected.

How Adare can help your business.

Adare’s team are experts in the delivery of complex integrated communication solutions. We have a range of services and technologies that we combine with our vast experience of helping our clients communicate more effectively with their customers. We help our clients to create a relationship that isn’t exclusively based on price through delivering an excellent customer experience. Our platform and our expertise in deploying it, allows our clients to engage their customers more easily across all channels. We enable operations and marketing teams to integrate their communication strategies and ensure all teams can work in harmony to deliver messages that are timely and appropriate. Get in touch if you’d like to find out how Adare SEC can help your business create exceptional customer experiences.

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