COVID-19 Update from our CEO, Rachael Nevins

Dear All,

Through our increased controls and oversight, I’m pleased to confirm that our teams at each of our sites continue to operate well. Our service status remains in a stable position as does the position with our key suppliers. Sickness levels at each of our sites remains low which means we are able to maintain your important SLAs. Our teams remain positive and continue to observe important health, safety and wellbeing guidance whilst managing your customer correspondence. My thanks to you for your ongoing support and encouraging feedback; the teams at Adare SEC greatly appreciate this and are proud to receive it.

I’m pleased to share that throughout the last week, the team at Adare SEC has played a key part in enabling important correspondence relating to COVID-19 testing. The letters produced support the efforts to increase testing. This is a critical government step that will support future lockdown plans and responses. We are proud to provide this support and look forward to assisting further where possible.

In my last update to you, I referenced the taskforces that we put in place to oversee our heightened business continuity measures that are needed to manage the events of the pandemic. In line with recent updates from the UK Government we have increased the scope of those taskforces to begin making considerations for exiting the lockdown. You can be assured that Adare SEC will bring the same level of diligent controls to exiting lockdown as we did in preparing for entry. Any changes will be introduced with structured plans with the important focus on health and hygiene controls. As a critical supplier, the team at Adare SEC is already working within the guidance laid out by the government, however we are working to introduce further controls to support a return to onsite working for our office-based colleagues at the appropriate time.

My team welcome any questions you may have, making sure that we respond to your specific queries as they are raised. In the weeks ahead our account managers will be in touch with your teams to clarify our approach and provide comfort that your customer communications remain in safe hands.

In the meantime, I do hope that you, your colleagues and your families remain safe and healthy. My thanks again for your support and I’ll look forward to sharing further updates with you.

With kind regards

Rachael Nevins
Chief Executive Officer
14th May 2020