Adare SEC’s Rachael Nevins comments in the Yorkshire Post on consumer expectations

Rachael Nevins, chief executive officer at Adare SEC has been quoted by the Yorkshire Post about how companies need to embrace the big changes in consumer expectations including the use of new technologies to progress digital transformation strategies.

Rachael said: “As new roadmaps and corporate visions are developed for the next five years; the time has come for businesses of all sectors and sizes to embrace the change in consumer expectations and the possibilities of new technology to create more effective conversations.

“In 2011, research and advisory company Gartner predicted that, by 2020, customers will manage 85 per cent of their relationship with brands without interacting with a human. Well, that time has come, and with most consumers today interacting with brands through a range of channels – from tried-and-tested SMS and email to advanced apps and chatbots – many would agree those predictions have come to fruition.

“Working with a trusted integrated communications consultancy allows businesses to determine the best strategy, channel mix and messages. In short, it enables them to deliver on their customer communications goals and meet the corporate requirements for their digital transformation for the next five years and beyond. 2020 may have been the future for a long time, but the future is now.”

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