Investing in capability for your critical communications

Dear All

I hope that you, your families and your colleagues remain safe and well as we continue to navigate the circumstances of COVID-19.

At Adare SEC, we maintain strict oversight to the controls and guidance that have been implemented to protect the safety and wellbeing of our colleagues whilst ensuring that we continue to deliver a quality service for you and your customers.

Across our three sites, I’m grateful for all the efforts of our colleagues, suppliers and delivery partners to maintain our critical services.

In my last update, I shared details of the strategic investment that we have made in our operational capabilities. This investment in state of the art enclosing equipment enhances our overall business efficiencies, improves quality of outputs and supports a greener, more environmentally focussed approach to Adare SEC’s operations. My team have had a great response to this update and our clients have already started to benefit from the positive changes that have been made. As we continue to look to our future, working our way closer to the achievement of our mission and vision, I’m pleased to share some further news that supports the development of our digital strategy and product capabilities.

During the last 6 months Adare SEC has invested further in the technology that allows our clients to securely digitise their transactional customer communications; communications that would ordinarily only be delivered by post. We have created a secure ‘digital envelope’, which allows clients to safely send transactional mail, online. This capability brings more choice to customer communication preferences and enhances the overall customer journey and experience, making online and offline communications more truly integrated. I’m delighted to be able to share this news and our teams look forward to discussing these features with you in the coming weeks and months. You can find out more about our secure digital envelope by visiting our website (here). We also have been able to share a case study (here) which demonstrates how one of our clients is already accessing this functionality with great positive outcomes for their customers.

I will continue to keep you updated and sharing our progress but should you have any specific queries or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact me or your account manager.

Kind regards


Rachael Nevins
Chief Executive Officer