Adare SEC is the number one provider of sustainable travel information solutions in the UK, with the creation of  TransportHub.

We have supplied the transport sector successfully for over a decade, providing communication solutions ranging from; bespoke software systems, timetable production, data quality tools, print and fulfilment, including all manner of marketing and passenger information collateral.

TransportHub offers real and tangible benefits to the transport market.

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"Through innovation, expertise and first class customer service, we are the
number one choice and provider of sustainable travel information solutions."

TRANSPORT HUB Software Licences

Web based, great value and efficient...arguably the ‘best in class’ solutions... easy to use, quick and intuitive, designed and created by industry experts.

Taking Network Rail CIF data on a daily basis you can edit and format from any location at the click of a button. Our unique page maker system then allows you to drop your data in to a print ready format to create the finished product. Couple this with the flexibility to add in covers, introductions, notes, maps and filler ads.

Available Modules

Long Term:

- Timetables
- A-Z's
- LOR's
- Station Simplifiers

Short Term:

- Engineering Works
- CPAN's

Bespoke Cross Check:

- Double Check

End-to-End Full Production Service

We appreciate not everyone has the in-house resources to simply license and go and instead require a guaranteed, professional full production service.

Our team of inimitable rail experts has vast experience delivering all manner of passenger and employee timetable information. We will download, edit, liaise with train planning/marketing, proof, print and deliver.

Available Services

  • Full May and December timetable production
  • Blockade communications
  • Leaf fall/Christmas/Easter timetables
  • Ongoing engineering work
  • Employee information

What our clients say...

" I have found the Adare SEC platform to be the most efficient in the marketplace, its intuitive and simple to use and saves a vast amount of time compared to other systems and manual timetable creation. The team behind it are knowledgeable and accommodating and work closely to support changes required to the platform and/or during timetable production including print, fulfilment and call of. I have no reservations in recommending this platform to any TOC. "
- Ian Kempson, Virgin Trains
" S4CM has been designed to robustly support Train Operators in their Schedule 4 contractual negotiations with Network Rail; the investment made in the system, providing a ‘tried & tested’ basis to budgeting and validation of compensation payments made by Network Rail. We have seen a marked improvement in the totality of legitimate compensation recovered from Network Rail, and the quality of data supporting such negotiations. "
- Virgin Trains
" Customising the software to our individual needs has been exceptional. "
- Sandra Vaughan, Arriva Trains Wales 
“ The system is by far the most efficient timetable production system there is. ”
- Rakesh Bansal Cross Country

A Selection From Our Portfolio

Virgin Train Timetable
North Wales Train Timetable
Cross Country Train Timetable
Arriva Trains Poster
Arrive train poster
West Coast Train Times

Some of Our Clients:

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