We continually invest in market leading software and services in order to develop sophisticated technology solutions some of which can be used remotely by clients, in order to improve efficiency and reduce costs


SmartEdit is Adare SEC’s "Letters Management System". It provides clients with a remote document interface to the communications that will be produced at Adare SEC.

Using the SmartEdit portal, clients can edit communications, review, accept or reject changes made by colleagues (authorisation permitting) and create new communications using pre-approved templates held within the system.



SmartView is a secure document repository created by Adare SEC for the long-term storage and retrieval of customer communications, post issue.

Adare SEC can ingest both electronic images of outbound documents and digital images of scanned documents into SmartView and the system is suitable for deployment in a B2B multi-user client environment (e.g. customer contact centre or finance department) and as a B2C tool for the secure retrieval of copy documents by customers.



PrintMe is Adare SEC’s Hybrid Mail Solution suitable for the printing and mailing of standard A4 operational letters.

PrintMe enables letters that would normally be printed via local desktop or office printers to instead be sent to Adare SEC for production and mailing. It is simple to use and once set up, any number of users can be allocated to utilise this method of output for operational letters.



SmartApproval is Adare SEC’s online proofing system, streamlining the approval of variable print documents.

On data receipt Adare SEC creates a PDF proof which is added to the SmartApproval website. Automated email notifications are sent on receipt of data and proof creation.



SmartCapture is designed to extract data from a page and store that data in a format compatible with clients systems.

Client printed correspondence is routed to Adare SEC’s facilities, sorted and then scanned using high performance production scanners.