Adare SEC – Preparing for Change

Dear All, I hope you, your families and your colleagues remain safe and well. Throughout the events of COVID-19 I remain keen to keep you up to date with regard to Adare SEC’s ability to provide continuity of our normal services to you. Positively, I am pleased to again confirm […]

COVID-19 Update from our CEO, Rachael Nevins

Dear All, Through our increased controls and oversight, I’m pleased to confirm that our teams at each of our sites continue to operate well. Our service status remains in a stable position as does the position with our key suppliers. Sickness levels at each of our sites remains low which […]

Adare SEC COVID-19 Update – Managing your important customer mail

Dear All Last week I updated you about our services, with a particular focus on our supply chain, post and the delivery of your customer mail. I highlighted our key relationship as a postal licence holder with Royal Mail which helps to ensure a strong partnership between us. On Tuesday […]

COVID-19 Update from Our CEO

Dear All As further weeks of lockdown approach, I do hope that you, your colleagues and your family are remaining safe and healthy. To ensure you are receiving suitable comfort about our key services, I’m pleased to share further positive updates with you. Firstly, I’m delighted to welcome a key […]