We enable you to get your vital messages to your client's device instantly.

Our SMS solution enables you to instantly get your vital messages to your customer's pockets. Whether it is a single message, part of a wider campaign or a trigger due to another channel failing, Adare SEC can mange your SMS message delivery. Access to detailed insight is also available outlining the status of the message.

It is not often any of us are without our mobile phones, with our lives becoming increasingly reliant on our hand held devices.  This presents us with the perfect communication channel to reach your customers and increase their engagement with your services.

Whether it is a notification about a recent transaction or a link to a website, we can send messages as a one off communication, or as part of a wider campaign.

Our SMS service allows us to report on the messages sent and delivered.  Any undelivered messages can be automatically flipped to an alternative communication channel, such as email or mail, to ensure your customer receives their communications.


We can create a variety of SMS communications to help deliver personalised messages to your customers.


Whether your sending 100 or 1 Million SMSs, our system has a wide range of reporting tools to help you keep track of your SMS communications.

Multi-Channel SMS Solution

No response from SMS? No problem, our multi-channel solution will contact the client via email or post.

Fully Secure

Your data is safe with us. Our SMS solution is fully secure to ISO 27001 regulations.

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