SmartEdit is our Letters Management System. It provides clients
with a remote document interface to edit documents that will be
produced at Adare SEC


Introducing SmartEdit

Our SmartEdit portal enables clients to edit existing documents, review, accept or reject changes made by colleagues (authorisation permitting with a full audit trail). Clients can also create new documents using pre-approved templates held within the system.

Improve speed to market and reduce the cost of making changes to critical documents

Features and Benefits

Change Management

Improves the speed of making and implementing document changes. Documents can be amended at the last minute.

Version Control
Version control routines ensure that only the latest approved version of a document is made available for production.
Cost Benefits
Reduces the cost of change and enables changes to be made 24/7 as required. A license fee model makes budgeting easier.
Rules can be used to ensure brand and corporate guideline compliance. Pre-agreed business rules ensure production and postal compliance.
Effective Use of Communications
Marketing can have (permission based) access to pre-agreed areas within financial/operational communications.
Speed to Market
Improve speed to market, quickly making the required changes.

Our Technologies


SmartView is a document repository created by Adare SEC for the secure, long-term storage and retrieval of client documents.


Adare SEC’s Hybrid Mail solution suitable for the printing and mailing of standard A4 operational letters.


SmartApproval is Adare SEC’s online proofing system, streamlining the approval of variable print documents.


SmartCapture is designed to extract data from a page and store that data in a format compatible with clients’ systems.