We enable clients to efficiently manage ‘sign-off’ and the authorisation
of communications that contain variable data and images

SmartApproval - Adare SEC

Introducing SmartApproval

SmartApproval, Adare SEC's online approval system, is available to allow clients to check the content of an automated, daily production run before output is sent to print. It is often used in conjunction with SmartEdit to allow a final level of quality control to be carried out on the live, production ready file.

On receipt of data, Adare SEC will create a proof which is added to SmartApproval. The system has been developed so that an email notification will be sent to the client once proofs are available to view on SmartApproval. Using a secure user name and password, clients can gain access to their proofs which are categorised by date. Users can ‘Approve’ or ‘Reject’ the relevant proofs. If the proofs are rejected, then processing stops to allow amendments to be made via SmartEdit or by our development team. If the proofs are approved, then print files will automatically be sent to production.

Speeding up the approval process of your critical document composition

Features and Benefits

Quickly Approve

Quickly and easily approve the content of a print ready file.

Pre-set Business Rules
Pre-set business rules enable the relevant people to be notified when a document needs approving.
Live proofs are generated from live data and resources and are made available to be checked daily at the very last stage of processing.
SmartApproval puts the decision to print or reject the file in the hands of our clients.

Our Technologies


SmartEdit provides clients with the ability to edit their critical communications online, before being produced at Adare SEC.


SmartView is a document repository created by Adare SEC for the secure, long-term storage and retrieval of client documents.


Adare SEC’s Hybrid Mail solution suitable for the printing and mailing of standard A4 operational letters.


SmartCapture is designed to extract data from a page and store that data in a format compatible with clients’ systems.