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Improving efficiencies and saving costs for a globally renowned insurer


In the UK, Allianz Insurance employs over 4,200 people across a network of offices. The company’s Head Office is situated in Guildford, Surrey, and the company has additional support services with over 1,000 people based in Trivandrum, India.

Allianz offer commercial insurance with a full range of products for sole traders, right up to large commercial organisations. Allianz, also provide musical instrument insurance, legal protection and pet and equine insurance.

The Challenge

To enable better use of its support services, Allianz needed a simple but secure solution to improve the efficiency of its print and mail communications, reduce errors and improve turnaround times.

The insurer’s day-to-day mail was generated from each office, created on a desktop computer and printed on local devices. This meant inconsistent quality and poor brand compliance.

Clerical tasks such as enclosing errors, incomplete addresses on letters and other insert quality issues were also problematic. Allianz also faced high operational costs in printing and enclosing, and the excessive cost of staff time managing this process.

The Solution

To resolve these issues, Allianz commissioned a Hybrid Mail solution from Adare SEC. This enables letters normally produced onsite at Allianz to instead be quickly and securely produced, enclosed and mailed by us.

By using our Hybrid Mail solution, Allianz employees can submit all types of customer correspondence for processing at our secure facilities. Departmental accounts and users are set-up along with specific production and despatch options, allowing Allianz to manage the multiple brands supported through corporate and affinity partners, as well as their own retail brand. This was rolled out across multiple locations and users, with minimal disruption to its operation.

The Benefits

Allianz now has more than 200 Hybrid Mail users spread over three UK sites, as well as its operation in India. Our Hybrid Mail solution has enabled Allianz to dramatically improve the efficiency and cost of its mailed communications, and gain more control over its desktop-generated communications.

This process saves Allianz around 40% of its original production, enclosing and postage costs, as well as delivering the control and brand compliance required.