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The Offsite Advantage:
A new model for local government communications

This guide will help decision makers navigate with confidence towards communication management processes that are ready for now - and fit for the future.

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Defining local government communications means talking about a diverse range of messaging - from revenues and benefits to specialist elections documentation and everything in between.

This free-to-access proprietary guide connects the dots between strategy, procurement, operations and sustainability and is perfect for local government leaders looking to design a new offsite communications model with topics including:

  • The hidden cost of onsite print production
  • Hybrid mail: A solution for now
  • Understanding postal optimisation
  • Digital transformation in local government communications: What’s the reality?
  • Climate emergency, net zero and the role of communications management
  • The importance of frameworks
  • Supplier excellence: What to look for
  • The offsite advantage

“The ‘matrix of challenges’ mentioned in the introduction - cost pressures, the push to digital, the environmental/social drive and hybrid working patterns - makes this a critical time for strategic communications management planning.”

Gerry Crawley, Strategy Director, Public Sector, Adare SEC.