Our market leading Postal Services ensure all mail is optimised to achieve maximum mail discounts. Mail is tracked throughout the production process and returned mail can be quickly processed and securely destroyed if required.

Optimising Mail Services and Costs

Adare SEC’s Down Stream Access (DSA) postal solution mechanically sorts and amalgamates mail packs into order, to gain the optimum service and postal discounts for high or low volumes of mail.


Proof of

Machine Readable Barcodes mean that each pack can be evidenced as printed, enclosed, sorted and despatched – these marks are also used by Royal Mail to ensure prompt, seamless and demonstrable distribution of our clients’ mail.

Return Mail

We use the mailing barcode to scan returned, undeliverable items without the need for opening; improving the speed of data capture and enabling customer database updates.



We have industrial shredding machines on-site for the secure disposal of returned mail if required. We dispose of returned mail on our clients behalf, ensuring compliance to Data Protection regulations and creating recyclable waste.

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