At Adare SEC, we inspire our clients with choice and insight to deliver their vital message securely, becoming their trusted communications partner. We achieve this through our proven consultative approach, improving our client’s 360-degree communication strategy to ensure they have an effective and efficient strategy in place.

Our consultative approach has four key stages...

Our approach - Discovery
Our approach - Insight
Our Approach - Collaborate
Our Approach - Partner

Discovery – We explore and evaluate our clients communication challenges in detail, reviewing all of the communication touchpoints across all channels. We discover what the purpose and objective of each communication is, and whether these objectives are being achieved. Where possible, we delve deeper into the organisation, engaging with various departments to understand the individual communication strategies.

Insight – Following the Discovery sessions, we utilise our communications knowledge, expertise and sector experience to review our client’s current communication activities and look at ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness with a focus on the end customer.

Collaborate - We use the information gathered from the discovery sessions, couple this with our insight and map out an effective and engaging communications journey for our client’s customers, enabling them to achieve the desired business outcomes.

Partner – We partner with our clients, embark with them on an innovative communications journey and ensure that their communications achieve the set objectives. We work with them to analyse the insight gathered, enhance their communication strategy and ultimately deliver business outcomes.

Our consultative approach is supported by proven methodologies to achieve the required outcomes in a structured manner, ensuring that the communications strategy outcome works for their organisation. For more information on how we can assist you in creating and delivering an effective 360-degree communications strategy across multiple channels please contact us on 01484 863 411 or email