Our Marketing and Solutions Director talks about the importance of communications during COVID-19

The current circumstances have brought unprecedented levels of change for everyone, which brings with it many psychological impacts. There is a less of a taboo associated with mental health and now more than ever, people have the freedom to talk openly. This becomes more important as we deal with many of the significant constraints that we now have to make as part of our day to day lives.

Despite the adjustments and for many, the losses we need to come to terms with, friends and relatives talk constantly about the gratitude that they feel as they spend time reacquainting themselves with old interests, investing in their health, finding time to learn new things or simply taking some time to reflect, relax, reconnect and re-evaluate what is important to them. Many people are more conscious, more present and more mindful. I expect that some will see this time as an opportunity to feel reenergised in the hope of a fresh beginning and the anticipation of a ‘new normal’. Conversely, I expect that as part of the adjustments that are made, some things will inevitably be put on hold, intentionally disregarded or forgotten about.

Many businesses have been quickly forced into evaluating their priorities to manage the impacts of the current global crisis. Importantly, those running businesses want to ensure their future so they can assure their employees of their jobs, assure their clients’ needs can be maintained and assure their suppliers of ongoing orders and contracts.

So whilst businesses turn to the challenges of navigating the current issues, it shouldn’t be forgotten that anyone with an interest in that business is likely to be evaluating how they will do business with them in the future. After all, some are being allowed the time to do so.

So now more than ever, consciously or subconsciously the perception of a business’s brand will be under scrutiny so it’s important to closely manage that.


Now is not the time to stop communicating and whilst many will feel there isn’t the time or that there aren’t many positive messages to communicate, not doing so could have negative impacts.

Communicate frequently and often. Vary your methods and demonstrate clarity and reasoning. Discuss progress and highlight decisions, no matter how small. Show care and compassion. Clearly highlight your business values, emphasise and proudly illustrate them. Show unity and show the strength of partnerships and collaboration. Show pragmatism. Be proud of expertise and experience. Be honourable, show respect and don’t be afraid to show humility. Most of all, be genuine.

This will build trust. It will build trust in your business, in your leadership, in your credibility and ultimately in your brand. It will build brand loyalty, commitment and ongoing customer satisfaction. Now more than ever, people have the freedom to talk openly, so make sure they talk positively about their experience with your business to help ensure its immediate success and its success long into the future.

Mike Quate
Marketing and Solutions Director