Secure document retrieval at the touch of a button: Introducing SmartView

SmartView Document Properties

For businesses seeking a secure long-term digital storage and retrieval solution for important, confidential documents, security and reliability will be major considerations.

Not only that, for many businesses the capability to ingest and store communications in multiple formats, such as paper based, SMS and email, is vital as clients embark on a digital transformation journey.

It is no longer sufficient for a secure document repository to merely offer the capability to archive and store documents; today’s users require a higher, more complex and more resilient level of security than ever before.

Adare SEC’s SmartView solution, for instance, ingests both outbound and inbound documents in various formats. These formats are native to the type of document being stored – PDF for scanned images, html for email, for example. Once stored, the documents cannot be altered; therefore, a replica of the original is always retained and quickly available.

Documents can be retrieved swiftly on screen, printed or downloaded as required, making it ideal for use in multi-user environments such as finance departments or customer contact centres.

‘Secure’ is a term often applied to digital systems; however, there are vastly different degrees of security available. SmartView cannot be accessed through public internet systems, requiring a dedicated, secure VPN.

SmartView is also suitable for use in a business to consumer setting, allowing private individuals to access confidential documents such as statements and credit card application forms through a secure API that requests permission from Adare SEC’s system to deliver the required document.

What sets SmartView apart from similar systems are its security and its resilience. The solution uses dual data centres, which are live concurrently so that if one centre fails, the other covers activity seamlessly and without delay.

The flexibility, security and resilience of the SmartView solution make it an ideal choice for users looking to optimise up-time and security while enjoying document retrieval at the touch of a button.

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