COVID-19 Update from Our CEO

Dear All

My team and I feel it’s important to keep you updated with the progress we make throughout this difficult period. There are many uncertainties that all our businesses are dealing with and so I hope the updates that I share give you confidence that Adare SEC is well positioned to continue to support you and your customers with your vital communications. My thanks also, for the time that many of you have taken to share your updates with me. I feel it’s crucial that we keep a positive dialogue as we navigate the challenges of this crisis.

I’m pleased to report that great efforts continue to be made to maintain our services and with good effect. Our 3 operational sites in Huddersfield, Nottingham and Redditch are fully operational and I am pleased to say that sick levels remain at normal levels. I understand that surety for the continuity of your key communications is so important at these challenging times. As such, in addition to our operational strength, I would also like to give you my assurances as to the financial stability of Adare SEC and share that we recently filed our annual accounts for the financial year 2019. These results place us in a strong position as we moved into FY20. Now more than ever it’s important that we started our new financial year with the strong foundations that the results provided. They give our business resilience and our clients the assurance that we continue to support you with your critical communications throughout the challenging circumstances of COVID-19.

Our teams across all our sites continue to work diligently to maintain SLAs and do so under the guidance published by Public Health England. There is absolute focus on wellbeing at Adare SEC. Along with regular cleaning routines, we are deep cleaning our facilities, completing a treatment known as fogging. This technique disperses a non-toxic disinfectant spray onto surfaces, killing 99.99% of known viruses, including Coronavirus. This process provides lasting protection to help in the fight against COVID-19. In addition to a clean and safe place to work, it’s very important to help our colleagues with personal wellbeing, especially as we adjust to new ways of working. More frequently we are sharing wellbeing hints and tips and we will make these available on our website, so do take a look and feel free to share.

Our colleagues remain proud of the part we play to support the response to COVID-19. We remain a critical UK supplier as we print key stocks for the NHS and proudly printed a large volume of the letters that were issued to all UK households from Boris Johnson. Given these key communications along with many of your regulatory correspondence, we remain proud to be a critical services supplier during this crisis.

In a previous message to you, I had mentioned that many of our clients had requested assistance with our digital products. These products have enabled clients to continue operating whilst many of their colleagues work from home. Our Hybrid Mail product is now being used by many clients with great effect, as is our fast-track transactional mailing product. We have also set up a quick-start inbound mail product allowing us to very easily adopt opening of clients’ post and scanning of key documents during this time when many offices are closed. I’m pleased that we have been able to support many of you with the new challenges this crisis brings.

On behalf of all at Adare SEC, my sincere thanks for your continued support and your ongoing business. As always, should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me or your account manager.

Stay safe and healthy,
With best regards

Rachael Nevins
Chief Executive Officer
Adare SEC