COVID-19: Response to Government Guidelines made on 23rd March 2020

Following the announcement made by the UK Government last night, I would like to confirm the operational position of Adare SEC.

Adare SEC is classed as a key business to the UK as we perform the provision of postal services. We also conduct work for and on behalf of the UK Government.

Based on guidance provided by the UK Government we will class some of our employees as critical workers to ensure that our manufacturing operations can continue at our Huddersfield, Nottingham and Redditch sites.

Our operations also rely on data and technology led services which are also deemed as requirements for key worker status.

Based on the strict guidelines that have been issued by the UK Government we are ensuring colleague safety with extremely high regard. On that basis, only colleagues that need to be on-site are on-site. Those people that are on-site are people that work and support within our manufacturing operations teams. We continue to conduct hygiene measures to ensure they can work on-site, safely.

Our supporting technology operations team have been provisioned with facilities to work adequately from home and are doing so with success.

Therefore, please be assured that we do not expect any interruption to your services and we continue to support the delivery of your vital customer communications, securely.

Please do not hesitate to contact me or your account manager should you need any further information.

With kind regards,

Rachael Nevins
Chief Executive Officer