Adare SEC; an update on managing your critical customer communications and supporting clients differently throughout COVID-19

Dear All

I wanted to take the opportunity to write to you as we move into another week managing the circumstances of the pandemic. The recently announced government restrictions are vitally important to ensure the safety of our colleagues, our businesses and the long term stability of our economy.

I wanted to reassure you that whilst we navigate through these uncertain times, my team and I take the safety and wellbeing of our colleagues of paramount importance and are taking this guidance very seriously. Adare SEC has 3 secure manufacturing sites in Huddersfield, Redditch and Nottingham and I’m extremely grateful to the teams that are keeping these operations up and running with great care and within SLAs.

Based on guidance from the UK Government, given that we manage many mandatory and regulated customer communications in addition to providing key printed supplies to the NHS, we continue to operate as a UK critical supplier through the events of COVID-19.

We also continue to work in partnership with our suppliers to monitor their service status to us, particularly our mailing partners, who are clearly key to our successful supply and are working hard to continue deliveries to SLAs. Again I’m grateful for the strong relationships we hold and I’m pleased to note that we continue our services as expected. In summary, all teams are working well and I’m hopeful we will continue to do so.

Over the last week, my team and I have been contacted by many clients to ask how Adare SEC can help your teams work differently throughout the events of COVID-19. I’m pleased to say we have been able to on-board a number of our customers to new products that will help their teams to continue to professionally operate from home. Our Hybrid Mail product has been successfully set up for a number of clients in less than 5 hours, which included training briefings. The solution helps to facilitate the creation of letters that would normally be printed via a local desktop or office printer to instead be sent to Adare SEC for secure production and mailing.

We have also rapidly set up similar products to enable mailing for key customer correspondence as physical mail or digitally, that is data and template driven, such as statements, bills, or rate changes.
Furthermore we have been working with clients to set up our simple inbound product to help to relieve back office operational staff needs.

Finally I wanted to thank you for your support throughout these times. We continue to monitor these events with diligence. Should you require any further assurances about how we continue to operate or you would like to understand more about how we can help you differently, please do not hesitate to contact me or your account manager

Stay safe and healthy,

With best regards

Rachael Nevins
Chief Executive Officer