Adare SEC introduces new information design service, SmartDesign

Adare SEC’s latest service offering, SmartDesign, uses science and creativity to redesign your customer communications. The benefits can include up to 30 per cent in postal discounts, improved customer engagement and response rates, and helping to ensure your communications are compliant.

Are you looking to improve the effectiveness of your customer communications and save money?

Adare SEC’s latest service, SmartDesign, combines scientific research and analysis with creativity to drive engagement and increase response rates to your customer communications, whilst helping you access postal discounts.


In short, our information design offer will improve the success of your communications. Here are the main benefits of our SmartDesign service.

Receive postal discounts

The costs of sending out mass mail can be very high. So, if you have poor quality communications, it can become an expensive, unsuccessful exercise.

SmartDesign takes advantage of Royal Mail’s Testing and Innovation scheme (TIS), aimed at improving the quality of sent mail and offering postal discounts of up to 30 per cent – this equates to around the cost of posting one million documents.

Drive engagement and response rates

Poorly designed communications lead to poor customer engagement and response rates. Taking a scientific approach and using our sector expertise, we’ll design a layout to create a clear call to action for the customer and allow the communications to achieve the required results, first time, saving on often unnecessary repeated customer contact.

Improve contact centre interaction

Having clearer call-to-actions will result in the correct actions from the customer first time. If a customer receives a letter that they don’t understand, the first place they will go is your contact centre. So, through having well-designed communications, the recipient can fully understand what is being asked of them in the communication, reducing the need to call your contact centre and making any calls more efficient through improved call handling times.

Keep your communications compliant

Thanks to our wealth of knowledge and sector experience, we understand the rules and regulations of customer communication and we will work with you to make sure your communications are compliant.

Improve your customer communications with SmartDesign

We approach information design with a four-step process to maximise the engagement and responsiveness of your customer communications:

  1. Understanding the desired objectives

Stage one is understanding the objectives of your customer communications. We’ll work with you to understand your requirements and desired outcomes as we redesign your communications.

  1. Redesigning to get the right results

Using our years of creative experience and sector knowledge, our dedicated team will redesign your communications to optimise the key messaging and be custodians to your brand to ensure brand guidelines are adhered to. We will improve the use of colours and design features, whilst reworking the layout. This will help the messages resonate better with your customers.

  1. Live testing with your customer base

Adare SEC initiates extensive testing to show the improvement in your communications. We use the old communications and newly improved designs to conduct A/B testing and track the response rates and dwell time of both designs.

Using science and innovation, eye-tracking and heatmapping technology is used to confirm that the key messages are in the right place on the page for the customer to engage with. A questionnaire is sent to each customer to gain valuable feedback on the design and messaging of the communication they have received.

  1. Providing in-depth analysis

We analyse all the data accumulated during the A/B testing phase to show the impact of your new communications and relay the results back to you.

The collated analysis will demonstrate how customers are likely to engage with the new communications, proving the success of the redesign against the desired objectives.

Find out about more about our new SmartDesign offer over on our service page.