Adare SEC goes further than just developing innovative solutions. We build strong relationships with our partners to enable great customer communications.

A Partnership to be Proud of

We make sure that communications are delivered in the best way possible to ensure the best results. By partnering with other experts in the industry, your customer correspondence will be delivered safely, efficiently and in the most cost effective way.

We are proud to work closely with the Royal Mail; we have a strategic relationship with them as a postal licence contract holder. This brings some great benefits which can be shared with our clients so they can get the very best results for their business and their customers.

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Features and Benefits

The shared experience and expertise means that Adare SEC can…

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Develop innovative postal solutions and products to help ensure that content of mail is meaningful, engaging and drives the best customer response

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Optimise postal savings, including discounts and financial incentives

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Develop and harness technologies to improve mail processing and sortation to improve speed of final customer delivery

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Personalise mailing products, right down to stamp design

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Work closely with senior Royal Mail leaders to help influence their future strategy based on client insight and future needs and demands

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More simply implement postal solutions for returned mail management

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Use reporting tools to support pragmatic management of mailing performance, specifically for mail collections, handover and delivery

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Support service accountability through a dedicated Royal Mail account director

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Access MI and Business Insight to ensure logical and efficient mailing routes; mailing solutions are data driven to support billing and VAT savings

Better Mail

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Adare SEC is also an active board member of the Strategic Mailing Partnership (SMP), which is sponsored by Royal Mail Wholesale. The SMP is a professional body that represents and protects the interests of mailing houses across the UK.

Working with the SMP we aim to raise standards in the mailing industry, promoting better mail for all. The SMP facilitates the sharing of best practice amongst its members and champions mail manufacturing processes that help to drive the industry forward and deliver ‘better mail’.

Mail is a hugely important asset to your business. Let the insight and experience of Adare and its partners help you to harness the power of mail so you can engage with your customers in the best possible way.

To discover more about how we can use data to improve the effectiveness of your designs, contact us:

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