We offer clients channel choice, coupled with the detailed insight
behind it to ensure communications are effective.

We deliver communications by using multiple channels such as, mail, email, SMS and ePresentment. Using a combination of online and offline delivery channels, our clients are able to maximise their customer engagement, whats more, communications can be sent via a different channel should the first channel be unsuccessful.


We provide our clients with digital alternatives to traditional mail. Our email solution enables our clients to send HTML emails, add attachments or embed links to secure documents. Access to full reporting is also available. 

Interactive SMS

Our SMS solution enables you to instantly get your vital messages to your customers' pockets. Whether it is a single message, part of a wider campaign or a trigger due to another channel failing, Adare SEC can manage your SMS message delivery. Detailed insight is also available on the delivery of the message. 


Adare SEC has the latest print production technology and has three secure, accredited sites in the UK. Providing Transactional and Direct Mail Services, we help our clients to create engaging paper based communications.

Adare Post

Our Adare Post solution enables our clients to achieve the maximum postal discount possible on all mail produced and mailed at Adare SEC.

Royal Mail Partnership

Adare SEC goes further than developing innovative solutions to enable great customer communications. Through our partnership with the Royal Mail, we make sure that communications are delivered in the best way possible to ensure the best results.

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