A leading, trusted provider of secure products and solutions that help protect documents, assets and identities from fraud and replication. From Health and Safety solutions, Security Print through to Identification and Visitor Management Solutions.

Kalamazoo DirectSupplying Secure Products and Solutions online and over the telephone.

Kalamazoo Direct is a leading, trusted provider of Secure Products and Solutions ranging from Health and Safety, Cheques and Administration products to Identification and Visitor Management Solutions.

Our Secure Products and Solutions include:

  • Visitor Management Solutions
  • Identification Solutions
  • Ticketing Solutions
  • Education Solutions
  • Healthcare Solutions

As well as cost-effective, standard products suitable for organisations in many industry sectors, we can provide a wide range of bespoke products and personalised solutions to suit your exact requirements.

We continually source new and innovative products to fulfil our customers’ diverse range of requirements and we are dedicated to providing a secure, reliable service to give our customers complete peace of mind.

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