Efficiently handle inbound client communications across multiple channels with speed, accuracy and clarity.

Digital Mailroom

Manually handling inbound client communications across multiple channels is a complex, time consuming and resource intensive process. But not anymore.

With our Digital Mailroom solution, you can automatically capture, manage and archive inbound documents and digital communications. Putting an end to delayed actions, processing errors and compliance breaches, Digital Mailroom uses intelligent processing touchpoints to ensure critical information reaches your decision-makers fast.

Customer on boarding, claims, payment processing – those are just some of the everyday customer actions which Digital Mailroom can accelerate, giving you the insight and agility you need to deliver an enhanced customer experience.

Processing inbound communications with Digital Mailroom results in greater control and insight, increased efficiency and more accurate outcomes for the end customer.

Features and Benefits

Auto efficiency
Automated efficiency

Reduce manual intervention, free up staff time and reallocate resources to more business critical activities.

Omni Channel
Omni-channel control

Manage omni-channel communications within a single workflow for greater control of client interactions.

Intelligent Workflow
Intelligent workflow

Drive faster actions and outcomes by configuring work queues and assigning roles and permissions.

Machine Learning
Intelligent capture / Machine learning

Extract information, unlock insights and accelerate workflows. Automatically improve performance over time.

MI and Analytics
MI and Analytics

Review performance in real-time. Gain all the intelligence you need to drive decisions and optimise processes.

Secure Archive
Secure archive

Ensure compliance measures are met, generate a single customer view and request full audit trails of every item.

Our Digital Mailroom Automated Workflow

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