Safely manage returned mail and inbound correspondence with ease.

Adare SmarterScan

SmarterScan is part of Adare SEC’s Content Services products portfolio facilitating the management of returned mail and inbound correspondence.

Customer post is directed to Adare SEC where it is opened, sorted and scanned at our secure sites. It is then stored or safely destroyed. If we have received and processed a cherished document, we will then return it your customer by recorded delivery.

We can safely manage general correspondence, personal mail, secure documents such as passports and certificates and receipt of cheques. We enable secure access to scanned documents, automating digital returns via secure file transfer at any time.

Our team of experienced inbound specialists use innovative technology to deal with the end to end process efficiently.

Features and Benefits

Mail is sent straight to Adare SEC’s secure facilities for processing
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Streamline your operations or enhance existing mail processing by outsourcing to Adare SEC

Documents are stored and processed at our ISO27001 and BS10008 certified secure sites
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Robust processes will ensure compliance to the management of important customer information

We securely process documents such as Passports, certificates, cheques and personal mail
Secure Passport

One central place for management of all your inbound customer correspondence

High quality scanning using innovative technology
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High resolution outputs that can be quickly processed and viewed by your teams

Safe return of original cherished documents from anywhere

Returned by recorded delivery, your customers will be safe in the knowledge they will get back their important documents

Secure destruction of mail once it has been scanned and processed
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No need to unnecessarily hold customer data and incur additional storage costs

Regular reporting and MI

Support reconciliation processing and ongoing customer contact management

The Adare SmarterScan Solution Process

SmarterScan process

Our Technologies

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Our data-driven design solution

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Our secure letters management system

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Our online approval system

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Our Hybrid Mail solution

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Our Information Capture technology

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Our secure document repository

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