Our secure scanning and indexing of inbound documents
creates digital images that can be stored in and retrieved from
Adare SEC’s secure document repository.

Document Management

Inbound mail can be received at Adare SEC on behalf of clients. Upon receipt, mail can be processed, scanned to create digital images and indexed for ingestion in to either SmartView, a third party repository or a client workflow system.


Using SmartCapture, Adare SEC provides inbound print and digital mailroom solutions for our clients. Inbound documents and digital communications are routed to Adare SEC’s facilities, sorted and then scanned to create digital images for subsequent processing.

Adare SmarterScan

SmarterScan is part of Adare SEC’s Content Services products portfolio facilitating the management of returned mail and inbound correspondence. Enabling you to safely manage returned mail and inbound correspondence with ease, this innovative solution allows you to deal with the end to end inbound process efficiently.

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