Our email solution enables our clients to send HTML emails,
adding attachments and embedding links to secure documents.

At Adare SEC, we provide our clients with a true multi-channel delivery solution. Our email solution is just one of these channels and enables our clients to send their communications via HTML emails and include attachments and secure links. Emails can be sent as a single campaign, part of a multi-channel campaign, or be triggered as a result of another channel not getting the required outcome.

The Benefits

The benefits of utilising email as part of a multi-channel communication strategy are endless; email can be a cost effective way to communicate instantly with end customers, detailed reporting is available to monitor engagement and attachments and links can be included to quickly take the user to another location.

Add Attachments

Our solution enables clients to deliver more than just a message to their customers. Additional attachments such as, statements, invoices etc. can be added to emails, providing the end customer with additional information, whilst our solution also allows for inbound and interactive emails, to help increase customer engagement.

Address Validation

In order to ensure the successful delivery, Adare SEC uses an address validation process, reducing the number of ‘bounced’ emails sent, increasing the reputation of the sending address meaning emails are less likely to end up in junk folders. Adare SEC offers this as standard to all our email solution clients.

Flip to Paper

Adare SEC monitor the delivery of all client emails sent from our email solution; if any emails fail to deliver, this communication can be automatically flipped to paper output and sent in the post, based on pre-agreed business rules.  This way, we can ensure all end customers receive their communications and don’t miss out receiving any important information.  Along with detailed insight including information about Opens and Bounces, this enables our clients to maximise customer engagement and in turn, generate further revenue.

Email Types


  • Invoice/Statement
  • Welcome message/Account opening
  • Shipment tracking and order status
  • Account termination


  • New document available
  • Shopping cart abandonment
  • Anniversary email
  • Getting in touch a few days after registration etc.


  • Newsletters
  • Sales/Promotions/Announcements
  • Customer retention and acquisition
  • Business updates

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