Our secure inbound document processing and indexing capabilities
enable digital images to be stored in and retrieved
from Adare SEC's secure document repository

Inbound Mail Processing

Inbound mail can be received at Adare SEC on behalf of clients. Upon receipt, mail can be processed, scanned to create digital images and indexed for ingestion in to either SmartView, a third party repository or a client workflow system. Adare SEC offers a range of specialist treatments for items such as cherished documents, payments and priority items.

We have a large team of employees that are dedicated to hand scanning in documents using the latest technology. Documents are opened by hand, scanned manually and then any sensitive documents are immediately returned to the customer.

SmartView is a secure repository created by Adare SEC for the long-term storage of both inbound and outbound communications including printed and email communications produced at Adare SEC and inbound mail items received and processed on behalf of our clients.

We have created SmartCapture, a software solution that manages the scanning and indexing of inbound communications using automated data capture routines. We also offer a manual data capture solution for the collection and presentation of information contained in or written upon inbound communications.

Received in to a designated, secure area, inbound communications received at Adare SEC are opened, categorised and prepared for scanning in accordance with pre-agreed business rules.  The Adare SEC solution includes the provision of validation and verification routines for sensitive items such as passports, certificates and legal documents.

Our Inbound Mail solution currently includes the receipt, scanning and paying in of cheques. Paper cheques are scanned to create a digital image of the payment and details contained in the MICR line of the cheque are captured automatically.  Our system generates a consolidated paying-in manifest per batch which is used for paying in the batch at a UK bank.

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