Adare SEC is a leading provider of direct mail solutions 
to several of the UK's biggest brands

Marketing Communications

Offering scale, security, innovation and cross media functionality has enabled clients to gain competitive advantage and improve ROI for acquisition, retention and cross/up selling campaigns. Specialising in the creation of data driven, personalised, relevant and engaging communications, Adare SEC can deliver communications to the recipient via their preferred channel (paper or electronic).

Digital Printed Output

Fully variable communications can be produced at Adare SEC using high quality full colour equipment and white space management solutions. Adare SEC has a range of solutions to suit both low and high volume applications.

Direct Mail Production

High speed cut sheet and continuous print capability producing mono, highlight and full colour output.

High Speed Intelligent Fulfilment

Fulfilment of packs from C6 to C4 size, inclusion of up to 8 selective inserts, 3-way camera matching capability. Specialist items can be fulfilled by hand and Adare SEC has a team of full time, permanent employees dedicated to this task.

Email Marketing

Managed ISP relationships, Goodmail and Returnpath certified, black/white listing, spam assessment, web browser pre-flight checks, response management and click overlay analysis. SMS and MMS messaging, text alerts and reminders, text to email, Smartphone applications.

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