We take the security of our client’s data seriously and
take the necessary steps to ensure their information is protected.

Adare SEC is certified to ISO 27001 (Information Security Management System) and has the prestige PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) at our Nottingham site. We utilise these accreditations and are trusted by our clients to process their data and produce secure communications that may contain sensitive payment details.

Our certifications are underpinned by our Information Security Policy, a collection of individual security policies dedicated to protect Adare SEC against the real threats facing organisations today and provide guidance for our colleagues to follow good security practise principles. Adherence to the policy is an essential component for ensuring the security of the organisation. This covers the hardware, system and application software, communication components, documentation, physical environment and primarily, information assets, which together form a business domain.

Adare SEC operates across multiple data centres to give our clients peace of mind that our systems will never be ‘offline’ ensuring that we can offer our clients market-leading disaster recovery services, tailored to their requirements.  Our data centres are a mirror image of one another and are both configured to feed in to all of our production facilities.  The data centre environments are also regularly and securely backed up, providing protection against the accidental loss of any data.

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