Quickly set up and send data-driven transactional correspondence, irrespective of volume or channel.

Adare SmarterMail

Adare SmarterMail allows you to benefit from sending bespoke letters that are either data-driven or pre-composed on receipt.

With the option to create variable letter templates at our secure facilities, Adare SmarterMail offers flexibility as well as efficiency. 

Set-up can be completed in days, resulting in a cost and time efficient turnaround, and the use of Adare Post also allows you to benefit from extensive savings against standard mailing costs.

Deliver communications by any channel including mail, email and SMS

Features and Benefits

Create bespoke letters from data-driven templates

Use data to pre-populate agreed templates. This is done by Adare at the document composition stage.

Set up & process pre-composed artwork (such as PDFs) for mail, email or SMS

Pre-composed artwork can be ingested into the production and manufacturing process resulting in quick turnaround for delivery.

Make use of features applicable to variable letter templates and artwork

Depending on the complexity of requirements, clients can be up and running quickly with no lengthy and costly set-up fees.

Produce correspondence at Adare SEC’s accredited secure facilities

Communications follow secure and stringent processes developed at our safe, accredited sites.

Benefit from Adare Post

All communications can take advantage of significant postal discounts offered by Adare Post, regardless of volumes, saving up to 40% on standard mail tariffs.

Use and create multi-channel correspondence for delivery

Using a combination of online and offline delivery channels (mail, email, SMS), our clients can maximise their customer engagement, opting for alternative channels should the first channel prove unsuccessful.

Returned mail reporting

We use mailing barcodes to scan returned or undeliverable items without the need for opening the pack, improving data capture speed and enabling our clients to quickly and easily update their customer databases.

Complete set-up and testing in as little as 3 days

A number of letter templates can be created to facilitate different correspondence requirements.

Setting up Adare SmarterMail

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