Influence customer response by combining creative designs with behavioural science


SmartDesign is more than just a way of making your communications look and feel much better. It’s a way of making your message more meaningful, using proactive insights to encourage the desired response from your customers in a timely manner.

SmartDesign takes the guesswork out of creating documents that drive action. We use behavioural science to predict how people are likely to interact with the documents that are in front of them. Using cutting-edge eye-tracking technology, we ensure that your customers focus on the elements that matter most to you, for longer.

All communications have an objective. With SmartDesign, we ensure your communication is effectively meeting that objective, with the analytics to prove it.

Features and Benefits

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Achieve significant postal discounts by taking advantage of Royal Mail’s Testing and Innovation scheme (TIS)

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Increase communication engagement by ensuring the recipient engages with the communication in the desired way

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Response Rate

Improve communication response rates and make the communication work harder to increase responses

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Ensure regulatory compliance with experts who understand the legislation and ensure all communications adhere to these

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Increase communication ROI by maximising the effectiveness of the communication

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Less Calls

Reduce unnecessary calls into call centres with clearer call to actions which result in the correct actions of the recipient

Data. Driven. Design

At Adare SEC, our in-house design team is capable of improving the look and feel of any document, whether for digital or physical distribution, something which sets us apart from the vast majority of communications specialists.

By adding SmartDesign to that creative package, our clients can preemptively visualise how our creativity will drive their results. Although they may seem like simple changes, there is an exact science behind every design choice we make.

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The Science

To maximise the efficiency of your communications, we follow a simple, 4 stage process:

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We sit down with you to fully understand the objectives of your communications, and what the desired outcomes should be.

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We test your communication’s design with a panel of over 300 recipients, using eye-tracking technology to gauge their reactions.

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We put your document through a rigorous redesign process, using data to optimise the communication in line with its objectives.

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We analyse the data, producing heat maps and insight to prove how the new design will encourage the right customer response.

To discover more about how we can use data to improve the effectiveness of your designs, contact us:

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